An original creation, airbrushed and scanned to create a symmetrical image...adapted into a promotional poster for the Festival of Rock Posters show where I will be exhibiting for the first time!

 I found a thumbnail of this character in my old sketchbook...I dusted her off, refined a few lines and projected her onto a t- shirt, fired up my airbrush and jumped in. I had no pre-ordained idea of who she was, rather-I just started painting and drawing on all the imagery I have absorbed over a lifetime of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, album covers, Heavy Metal magazine and old-school airbrush-while getting in some freehand practice w/ strokes, swirls, dots and handheld masks...

 As she progressed and my brush was working well, I started seeing different things in her headdress, in the background...her jewels, her stare, her attitude...a little Elvish queen and cosmic Valkrye...a bit of Avatar and a touch of X Men's Sh'iar race...and the psychedelic color pallette of the original Star Trek series.

 The second "face" appeared above her brow-suddenly she became a wise Mayan priestess from another galaxy...

 After finishing the shirt and photographing it for the computer, I wanted to see what would happen if I took one half of the image and "flipped" it, to create a more symmetrical effect...and was really happy when I saw what happened.

 I'm honored to be using this image for The Rock Poster Society's upcoming "Festival of Rock Posters" show-held annually in The Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park-where I will be one of the artists in attendance!

 A limited edition of this poster, and many more from my portfolio, will be available at the event.

Sporting the finished shirt at Phish-8/3/13 at B.G.C.A. in San Francisco.



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