The northern California debut of a new Bay Area musical "supergroup" combining classic jam band and G.D. w reggae, funk and hip-hop-featuring Jay Lane (Primus, Ratdog) and the luminous Sunshine Becker (Furthur), Happy Sanchez, Chris Burger, Perry Winston and Paul Kates. Their premiere gig on 10/23/13 was also my first official poster for the Sweetwater Music Hall! 

 I also adapted the poster into several promotional versions, Facebook banners and handbills...w the header and font styling of the poster serving as the bands official "emblem".

Remember that name, and in the meantime, check them out at 

and on Facebook


An original creation, airbrushed and scanned to create a symmetrical image...adapted into a promotional poster for the Festival of Rock Posters show where I will be exhibiting for the first time!

 I found a thumbnail of this character in my old sketchbook...I dusted her off, refined a few lines and projected her onto a t- shirt, fired up my airbrush and jumped in. I had no pre-ordained idea of who she was, rather-I just started painting and drawing on all the imagery I have absorbed over a lifetime of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, album covers, Heavy Metal magazine and old-school airbrush-while getting in some freehand practice w/ strokes, swirls, dots and handheld masks...

 As she progressed and my brush was working well, I started seeing different things in her headdress, in the background...her jewels, her stare, her attitude...a little Elvish queen and cosmic Valkrye...a bit of Avatar and a touch of X Men's Sh'iar race...and the psychedelic color pallette of the original Star Trek series.

 The second "face" appeared above her brow-suddenly she became a wise Mayan priestess from another galaxy...

 After finishing the shirt and photographing it for the computer, I wanted to see what would happen if I took one half of the image and "flipped" it, to create a more symmetrical effect...and was really happy when I saw what happened.

 I'm honored to be using this image for The Rock Poster Society's upcoming "Festival of Rock Posters" show-held annually in The Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park-where I will be one of the artists in attendance!

 A limited edition of this poster, and many more from my portfolio, will be available at the event. 


Sporting the finished shirt at Phish-8/3/13 at B.G.C.A. in San Francisco.

Once again I'm happy to have done the poster for my friend's annual Louisiana style crawfish boil in the beautiful Northern California town of Laytonville...

 A special highlight is that this year, the headlining musical act is none other than Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes...making it my first official gig poster for one of my all time favorite bands...

Sunday, September 1st at the Laytonville Rodeo Grounds. 

 The Motet are an amazing band out of Colorado that bring old-school funk to the jam band scene-I was first blown away by their Halloween masquerade show when they played the music of The Talking Heads. Their recent "take" on my favorite band inspired me to offer my services for their show tonight , as they bring "Funk is Dead" to a sold-out show at The Independent here in San Francisco.
  Thanks to all the Motet and to their sound guru, David Tash for making this happen. A limited edition will be on sale at the show tonight. I will also release a small number of artist's proof very soon when I launch my online store in 2013.

UPDATE: Poster sold out at the show.


Poster art for Hot Buttered Rum's 3 night NYE run here in San Francisco. Went for a antique, country feel w/ the wood grain. The pearled inlay patterns remind me of what you would see on the necks of custom built string instruments. The monarch was my idea, the bicycles are in honor of The Mission at the band's request. Thanks to Nat Keefe of HBR and Jon Eisenberg of Blackspy Marketing for this opportunity.

 Two versions were requested-the actual show poster, which will be on sale during the run, but also a "street team" version below.




So, every year up in Laytonville, CA-a small town 3 hrs north of SF, my very good friends bring some authentic Louisiana flavor to Mendocino w/ their annual Crawfish Boil-held at the Laytonville Rodeo Grounds.
6th Annual Laytonville Crawfish Boil- (c) Shane Edward Grogg 2012
 This year, I was asked to create a poster for the event, along w/ a matching t shirt. I wanted to capture the blend of Louisiana, Northern California, and the western feel of the rodeo in one image. Thus, we have the cowboy riding the bucking crawfish. YeeHaa!

 As stated, these folks are pure New Orleans, and are rabid Saints fans-so I used the fleur-de-le symbol against a faded wood grain background-and since there are bands performing, this qualifies as a gig poster-a limited run will be available at the event, as well as t shirts-once again by my good friend and frequent partner  Dave Rosen at On The One Merchandise in Mill Valley.

Performing at this year's boil will be The Lost Bayou Ramblers and Ray and the Reveleers.
All proceeds benefit the Laytonville Rodeo Grounds.

 This is one of my favorite posters I've ever done and turned out great. Can't wait to get up there and get my boil on! Big thanks to Sarah, Clay, Mat and everyone up there who makes this happen-so happy to be a part of it.